Symposium: Lifelong learning and learning about the long life: an exploration of educational gerontology

Social participation, citizenship & the welfare state 6th July 2018 11:00 - 12:00 Location: 2.219
F-P6-C6 Lifelong learning and learning about the long life: an exploration of educational gerontology

Symposium abstract

Lifelong learning, and especially learning during later life, is an under-valued, under-researched and under-resourced aspect of the experience of ageing. In addition, the teaching of gerontology as a distinct discipline has become less prevalent in the UK, and where it is still taught, gerontology courses very rarely cover the role of learning throughout the whole of life. 

The BSG's Educational Gerontology Special Interest Group aims to raise the profile of lifelong and later life learning, and of gerontology as a space for discussion of the whole experience of ageing - including learning in its many forms. In this initial symposium the group invites an exploration of some of the opportunities and challenges of later life learning and the role of gerontologists in the field. 


Caroline Holland - The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
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