3E) OER, and OEP for access, equity, equality, quality, inclusiveness, and empowering lifelong learning (Panel)

It is well recognized that Open Educational Resources (OER) serve as catalyst for lifelong learning (LLL), and Continuous Professional Development (CPD), likewise OER is used as microlearning not at least at working places. OER, has the potentials to expand access to lifelong learning opportunities, achieve quality education and establish legal and political frameworks that promote, inter alia, and coordinated partnerships. OER can make significant contributions to the United Nation, UNESCO Sustainability Goals (SDG), especially number 4 on education, with its key pillars of access, equity, equality, quality and inclusion. 

It is also well recognized by research that implementation at local, regional and national level so far is too slow, despite all international initiatives since the first launch of OER in 2002, until the OER recommendation consultation in 2018. Worldwide research and experiences indicate that the uptake of OER is very much in hands of policies, and strategies, hence it is a question of leadership and management at all levels within institutions, both senior leaders, but also by middle managers and leaders. 

In the guidelines for the OER Advocacy Committee (OERAC) it is stated by ICDE that “when invited and if possible, OERAC Ambassadors should be prepared to play a role at e.g. ICDE World Conferences, Leadership Summits, Regional Conferences, Expert Seminars or other events relevant for the purpose”. www.icde.org/icde-oer-advocacy-committee Accordingly, The ICDE OER Advocacy Committee propose a Symposium focusing OER, and OEP for access, equality, inclusiveness, and empowerment for lifelong and lifewide learning. In addition, focus will be on leadership for lifelong learning in a digital era.

During the symposium the OERAC worldwide knowledge and experiences will be shared in a dialogue with participants. Concrete steps and actions from the latest initiatives and recommendations will be highlighted and taken forward. The presentation of each panelist will also be followed by questions posed by the audience or the Chairperson. During the full symposium there will be an interactive dialogue with the audience, although intitial speaches by the presnters


Professor, Dr. Ebba Ossiannilsson; Chair and Ambassador ICDE OER Advocacy Committee, and Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden

- Ebba Ossiannilsson, ICDE OER Advocacy Committee Chair, Ambassador, and Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden
- Jean Marc Meunier, Univ-Paris8, ICDE OER Advocacy Committee, Ambassador France

Chair: Ebba Ossiannilsson 12th February 2019 15:45 - 17:15 Location: Weidemannsal 4

The mandate and work by the ICDE OER advocacy committee (Panel)

Ebba Ossiannilsson
ICDE OER Advocacy Committee Chair, Sweden. Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden. Swedish Organization for e-Competence, Sweden


The mandate and work by the ICDE OER advocacy committee (Panel)

Jean-Marc Meunier
University of Paris 8, France. Interuniversity Federation of Distance Education , France