2C) Involving working life in Lifelong learning

‘Lifelong learning’ is a concept which recognizes that professional development is an ongoing and continuous process. This session focuses on how trade unions can contribute to professional development, and the added value of involving workers organisations in the development of national, sectoral and enterprise skills policies.

Trade union involvement in skills development by Dr. Jeff Bridgford, Senior Research Fellow at Kings College London
Cooperation in developing CPD and the role of European professional organizations: the case of Radiographers by Dr. Jonathan Mac Nulty, President of the European Federation of Radiographer Societies
The Norwegian work life model as context for management and leadership. A work life oriented management study at OsloMet by Eivind Falkum, Research Professor, Work Research Institute, Centre for Welfare and Labour Research, OsloMet

A small panel for discussion

Moderator: Åshild Olaussen, Chief Adviser, Unio – The Confederation of Unions for Professionals, Norway

Organized by: Unio (The Confederation of Unions for Professionals)
Chair: Åshild Olaussen 12th February 2019 13:45 - 15:15 Location: Lillehammersal III