3A) How megatrends are influencing work and employability

Megatrends, such as technological change, climate change, migration, demographic change and urbanisation, will form an important shift in the progress of societies and in any particular field or activity. Megatrends will have an impact on our working life, both as threats and opportunities. 

The question for this session is how their impact will be on our working life and how we best can be prepared. Does the workforce have the skills needed to face the new situation in the world? 

We have invited experts on megatrends to introduce the term to us. Furthermore, representatives from the trade unions and federation of employers will give their view on the impacts these trends may have on our working life and suggest solutions on how to be prepared to meet the new challenges.

Organizers: Skills Norway

12th February 2019 15:45 - 17:15 Location: