1B) How regional education can change the world

An example from OsloMet, Harvard and educational centres throughout Norway. 
When the mission is to create affordable ways for any motivated student to take courses at Universities and University colleges, we need to find ways to involve, create and develop both relevant education and relations to societies also outside of ordinary campuses. Regional, distributed education is a way for fulfilling the mission.

Curt Rice, Rector, OsloMet
«So far away, and yet so close: culture change for distributed education - a university perspective”

Tale Skjølsvik, Professor in technology management at the Department of Computer Science, OsloMet.
«This is how we do it - digital knowledge for practical leadership in Norway- our new study in Digital transformation and leadership”

Hallgerd Benan & Irene Lona, manager and project manager DIGIN, OsloMet
“This is how we do it - tools and pedagogy for lifelong (e)learning at OsloMet”

Adrienne Phelps-Coco, Associate Director of Online Pedagogy, Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University 
“This is how we do it - tools and pedagogy for lifelong (e)learning at Harvard University”

Sigrun W. Prestbakmo (Sp), The Mayor of Salangen, Norway.
«The value of distributed education from a regional perspective”


Christin Kristoffersen, Director, Center for distributed education Norway (Studiesenteret.no)

Chair: Christin Kristoffersen 11th February 2019 16:00 - 17:15 Location: Lillehammersal II