Chinese Demographers in The International Communities of Population Studies
Liangliang Sun, Xi Chen, Guy Abel, Leiwen Jiang
Asian Demographic Research Institute of Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

Some authors argue that demography and population studies in China have been declining since the late 1990s when China generally completed demographic transition and the support from the government and international organizations reduced. One of the main outcomes of declining demography in China is that Chinese scholars participate less in the activities of international communities of population studies. We collect all the papers written by Chinese scholars published in the 23 major international scientific journals during the past 15 years and analyze the trends in the numbers of publications, the author ranks, locations of the affiliated institutes, research areas, approach and method, and other demographic characteristics of the authors (age and gender). Our research reveals that the number of publications by Chinese authors increased over the past 15 years, from which one would reject that statement that the Chinese demographer has become less international. However, it should note that the majority of Chinese authors work overseas and the increase of the Chinese authors mainly occur in the lower rank of author order. Moreover, the proportion of older authors (aged 50 and above) increase, indicating the aging process of Chinese demographers who are active in international communities of population studies.