74 Cart kids: Creating awareness of Agricultural Related Trauma, a 5 year analysis
Lucy Arrowsmith
South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen, United Kingdom


The current study was carried out in a rural area of Northern Ireland, where agriculture is the primary industry. We present a unique opportunity to assess the pattern of injuries encountered in a busy rural DGH compared to an urban hospital setting 


Aim: To assess the pattern of agricultural injuries, particularly paediatric, encountered in a busy rural DGH.



Emergency Department (ED) agricultural trauma patients were tracked via local patient records. The study ran between 2012-2017. All agricultural trauma was analysed, with exception of exclusive head injury. Patients <16 were classified as paediatric.



During the 5 year period, 158,394 attended ED. 267 were agriculture related; 50 were paediatric. 

Time of presentation:

  • 0900-1700 - 59%
  • 1700-2100 - 20%
  • 2100-0900 - 21%

35 injuries occurred on weekdays, 15 over the weekend. 25% involved upper limb unilaterally (23%) with 20% of total injuries involving an associated head injury. 2 fatalities occurred (4%).

Average age was 12 years old.

Lowest age was 1 year, oldest age was 16

30 cases were Male, 20 cases Female 


Most injuries occurred on weekdays during school hours. The farm is a dangerous environment and where children are involved they require undivided attention.

The UK and Ireland has many rural areas, therefore other units may experience similar patterns of injury. There is scope to improve awareness and child safety in the agricultural environment.