The mandate and work by the ICDE OER advocacy committee (Panel)

Ebba Ossiannilsson
ICDE OER Advocacy Committee Chair, Sweden. Swedish Association for Distance Education, Sweden. Swedish Organization for e-Competence, Sweden


Open Educational Resources (OER) serve as catalyst for lifelong learning (LLL), and Continuous Professional Development (CPD). For lifelong learners OER is often used as microlearning or nanolearning, not at least at working places. OER, has the potentials to expand access to lifelong learning opportunities, achieve quality education and establish legal and political frameworks that promote, inter alia, and coordinated partnerships. 

The mandate and work of the ICDE OER Advocacy Committee (OERAC), as well as ICDE OER Chairs will be presented.   The ICDE OERAC work aligned with the UN UNESCO Recommendations (2019). The visions, missions, activities, and current roadmap by the OERAC will be presented and discussed during the Symposium. Some concrete activities are work on the proposed collaborative projects and visions from the Open Education Leadership Summit 2018 (OELS18). The ICDE OERAC will especially respond to the proposals around policy. The response will identify opportunities to develop some of the proposed projects and activities, and to establish links with existing or emerging projects and trends around the world. ICDE will thereby position itself to support and expand on some of the projects and visions proposed at OELS18. Another concrete activity is on developing guidelines for advocacy, best/or better practices for OER advocacy in various settings, and levels (e.g. Macro, meso, micro, and nanolevel).